Side Dishes

Mixed Shobji Bhaji

Mixed with vegetables

Saag Paneer

Indian cheese, cooked with fresh spinach.

Bombay Aloo

Bite size potatoes, cooked with garlic and ginger.

Saag Aloo

Bite sized potato cooked with fresh spinach, garlic and ginger

Bhindi Achari

Fresh okra cooked with ginger and garlic with different flavouring.

Mushroom Bhaji

Sliced mushroom, cooked with fresh sauce.

Aloo Gobi

Potato & cauliflower

Tarka Dhal

Eastern lentils cooked with turmeric.

Benjol Bhaji

Fresh aubergines cooked with ginger and garlic.

Mottor Paneer

Indian cheese and peas.

Saag Bhajee

Spinach with fresh garlic and ginger.